See how to earn $20000 monthly doing nothing

How To Earn $20000 Monthly Doing Nothing. Dropservice is a way to earn big doing nothing. Do not skip any line so as not to get confuse. Dropservicing is the process of selling other people services because you are not the person doing the job.View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Dropservicing involvesContinue reading “See how to earn $20000 monthly doing nothing”

9 Ways to become a millionaire in 2 months

See ways to become a millionaire in 2 months Do you think you can’t make a million in two months? You may be surprised by the different ways to get there. But before you get too excited, if you think switching to a noble means luxury cars, luxury homes and high-end lifestyle, think twice. HereContinue reading “9 Ways to become a millionaire in 2 months”

Npower batch C

Good news to those that applied for Npower batch C. The management of Npower has made an announcement to respective Npower batch C applicants that they should get prepared for aptitude test. The ministry of humanitarian affairs had earlier made a publications that the Npower batch c has been launched. As shown by the belowContinue reading “Npower batch C”

With smart phone, you make money online

How To Make Money Online With Your Smartphone No-risk matched betting Hands down the quickest way to make a lot of money (well, without breaking the law). Lots of students have genuinely made £100s from this technique. It’s completely legal, risk free, tax free, and anyone over 18 in the UK can do it (NotContinue reading “With smart phone, you make money online”

POS: How to start

With the modern mobile cash banking business, POS thriving in Nigeria, a lot of people are intrigued in setting a business in this area. This article explains how to start a POS business any where in the country, the requirements, guidelines, cost and subsequently the benefits of venturing into POS business in Nigeria.The reason mostContinue reading “POS: How to start”

POS: How to start

With the modern mobile cash banking business, POS thriving in Nigeria, a lot of people are intrigued in setting a business in this area. This article explains how to start a POS business any where in the country, the requirements, guidelines, cost and subsequently the benefits of venturing into POS business in Nigeria.The reason mostContinue reading “POS: How to start”

Blogger and Vlogger

Most people may have never heard the term “Vlogger” but the term “Blogger” is quite very familiar and popular. As a freelancer,writer and influencer you can become a Vlogger or Blogger. Here’s the major differences between them; Duty A blogger usually creates its contents in a written form. Just Like here, I write blog postsContinue reading “Blogger and Vlogger”

NYIF Email Verification

The complaint about email verification for Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) may not really be new to the pre-qualified applicants who have received their SMS messages. NYIF is a government initiative created to boost the Nigerian economy through leverage and access to finance for the youths. It promises to empower every successful applicant with N200,000Continue reading “NYIF Email Verification”

Lucrative business

Are you tired of being broke? If you want to be financially independent, then this article is for you. These are the 16 businesses that are capable of giving you N100,000 monthly: 1. Print Keeping things like brochures, posters, newspapers and advertising magazines in a printing house where they can be produced is a goodContinue reading “Lucrative business”

Get money to start business with loans

Almost everyone is in one business or the other. It is either you are running your own business or you are paid to help someone run theirs. While the former is called an entrepreneur, the latter is called an employee. Many people aspire to have their own business, even if they are employers somewhere. EntrepreneurshipContinue reading “Get money to start business with loans”

Want a desirable life? See these 7 keys

There are many situations that happens to us in life that we should have treated with understanding. When not treated well, it might lead to conflicts and regrets at last. Life is defined by principles we are to follow to make it to the top. If these principles are ignored, then we might later haveContinue reading “Want a desirable life? See these 7 keys”

Afraid of starting a business? Read this

Many are potential business mogul but can’t see reality in their business idea perhaps itb has been blurred by fog created by fear. Fear of unknown is on of the major reason many ditch the idea of dabbling into any business or entrepreneurial system. They prefer to be used by wise and bold employers whoContinue reading “Afraid of starting a business? Read this”

4 Opportunities to make money online

There are many reasons that you should consider making money online. As a student, you can make extra money to take care of yourself while in school. If you are looking for a job, you can become your own boss on the internet. If you want to become rich, you can do it on theContinue reading “4 Opportunities to make money online”

Beware of these 3 common mistakes that are capable of killing your business

3 Common Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business   There are some mistakes you make everyday that are affecting your business. If you’re a business manager reading this article, I will advise you to read to the end as there are a lot of things for you to learn.  1. You lack proper profit andContinue reading “Beware of these 3 common mistakes that are capable of killing your business”

Nigerian 10 most popular job website

With an increase in the number of graduates in Nigeria, jobs in Nigeria today have become more scarce. In fact, the number of graduates outweighs the available job opportunities. As a result, there are several cases of unemployment or underemployment in Nigeria with graduates opting for jobs that are way below their qualifications. Well! That mightContinue reading “Nigerian 10 most popular job website”

A successful business possesses these 19 elements

   I believe that a successful business is one that can make enough profit to pay off debt, continue to provide or continue to provide services, and expand over time. Another question is; what are the most important elements of a successful business?    Starting or running a business requires serious investment and a willingness to learn new skills,Continue reading “A successful business possesses these 19 elements”

Acquire wealth and be successful by following these guidelines

Wealth is an abundance of valuable possessions or money, while poverty is a state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount. Wealthy people tend to have more friends than poor people. Families trapped in the cycle of poverty, have limited or no resources. In other impoverished individuals do not have access to economicContinue reading “Acquire wealth and be successful by following these guidelines”

Early cash flow businesses

Franchise Franchising is a longer-term form of licensing. It is popular among service firms, such as restaurants and hotels to sell the rights to their brand and business model to third parties. Franchising is seen as among the best business ideas to make money right from the beginning. The secret to franchising is that theContinue reading “Early cash flow businesses”

Want to become wealthy? Then avoid these 4 temptation

We all go through one temptation or the other but what differentiates winners from losers is the ability to overcome temptation and what differentiate wise people from foolish people is the ability to know which temptation to avoid and which to confront. Financially successful people avoid temptation that will have a negative toll on theirContinue reading “Want to become wealthy? Then avoid these 4 temptation”

Early wealth secret revealed, read and become wealthy

1. START WITH A FINANCIAL EDUCATION Financial education is essential in order to know how to manage your money. By taking control of your money, you will have more head space to focus on what really matters in life. So the sooner you start investing in a financial education, the more financially intelligent you’ll beContinue reading “Early wealth secret revealed, read and become wealthy”

Within one year you get rich if you apply these principles

Below are simple ways you could get rich within 1 year 1. Invest Those who invest are sure to reap when time comes. If you have a little money, try to invest. Investment pays alot. You can start up a POS business and be making over 250,000 monthly. If you can start going around theContinue reading “Within one year you get rich if you apply these principles”

Easy way to make money through blogging

What is blog ? In short, a blog is a web site with one or multiple pages where you can write ( blog ) about any subject near and dear to your heart. By creating your own blog/website you can earn passive income from your home. Who is capable of doing this : In generalContinue reading “Easy way to make money through blogging”

Can’t do these 6 things then don’t go into business

Business, is not for the feeble minded. If you don’t have the nerves to venture into business, don’t try it. There are certain things you ought to be ready for. These things are a constant in the business industry. These 5 things are; 1. You should be eager to fail – Failure is an importantContinue reading “Can’t do these 6 things then don’t go into business”

See some 5 things that hinder business success

Ever wondered why your business isn’t growing? Every businessman or woman desire to succeed. Unfortunately, the number of businesses that collapse these days are ridiculously higher than those that eventually get succeed. In this article, I will be exposing 5, things that hinder business success you should stop doing. 1. Doubting yourself Self-confidence is oneContinue reading “See some 5 things that hinder business success”

The meaning of crypto currency and blockchain

As crypto currencies and blockchain technologies are becoming very popular these days, most youths and teenagers are queuing into it. Some of them have a glimpse of what the Crypto market hold’s for the future While some of them don’t… In this article you’re going you’re going to find out what Crypto currency and BlockchainContinue reading “The meaning of crypto currency and blockchain”

Lesson to learn from eagle to achieve your goals

The eagle is a fascinating bird. Known for its power and ability to fly at high altitudes in the sky. It flies where no other bird can fly. So there are some important lesson to also learn from them, in other for us to start a news living. 1. Eagles have excellent vision and concentration: ToContinue reading “Lesson to learn from eagle to achieve your goals”

See these 8 methods of investment and wealth creation that will make you successful

From twenty five years of age, you need to pay serious attention to these message. You are now officially an adult. This means that you have to think, act, and behave responsibly in all things you do. The pandemic may have swept through the world and resulted in a global lock down for everyone andContinue reading “See these 8 methods of investment and wealth creation that will make you successful”

See billionaires 12 inspiring tips for small business owners

Businesses are in stages and degrees, some businesses you see today as an elephantic firm were once in a rat stage. Hope was what probably kept them going, it not about hardworking sometimes, time also matters. For example, there was a time Coca-Cola sells 100 crates of drinks in a year, not in a monthContinue reading “See billionaires 12 inspiring tips for small business owners”

Consider these 7 things for your business to grow

The basic reason for establishing a business is to make profit. Some businesses don’t stand the test of time due to managerial deficit, inadequate public infrastructure, lack of credit facilities, double taxation, to mention a few. In addition, the environment most MSMEs – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises find themselves is not conducive for businessContinue reading “Consider these 7 things for your business to grow”

Google AdSense: See three things to do to get your application approved

Are you finding it hard to get your AdSense account approved? Then here is a solution that has worked for me and other bloggers who have implemented my guide in the past. We all know how frustrating it can be to get your AdSense application approved as a Nigerian. There are some strict rules and guidelinesContinue reading “Google AdSense: See three things to do to get your application approved”

4 Steps to build wealth

Over the time, humans have come to rely on things to move the economy forward. Before money was introduced as a means of exchange, means like trade by batter existed to enable people to perform basic transactions of buying and selling. Now money has phased out the era of trade by batter as we simplyContinue reading “4 Steps to build wealth”

See the 10 habits of successful people

10 unknown habits of successful people you wish you knew, no 9 is very important 1. WAKING UP EARLY: The most successful people know that a change in routine can make lots of difference, it advisable you start your day by 5 am and 6 am every day even on weekends. 2. TREATING FAILURE LIKE GOLD:Continue reading “See the 10 habits of successful people”

See 10 ways to make money

Hey guys today we’ll be looking at 10 known ways to make money instantly. 10) Loan apps: I know you’re wondering what loan apps have to do with anything but infact they have a lot to do with this topic. Many of you know how loan apps work right? I’m sure you do. Well ,we’llContinue reading “See 10 ways to make money”

20 Business ideas that can be carried out by full time workers

We have covered many business ideas on this site that many of you would like to start. However, most of these business ideas are best suited for the unemployed who can join a company at any time. Today, I’m going to share with you 20 business ideas that full-time workers can start generating multiple sources of incomeContinue reading “20 Business ideas that can be carried out by full time workers”

See 5 rules that can make you a millionaire

Most of us don’t make millions of naira in a year and we often think it’s mostly unlikely for one to be rich,unless we inherit a fortune or win a lottery,but that a big lie my friend. However successful people didn’t build their wealth overnight it’s a gradual process,which means you must pass through alotContinue reading “See 5 rules that can make you a millionaire”

Ways to boost your wealth and finances

Never Be Discouraged, Use This Skills To Boost Your Finances and Increase Your Family Wealth Standards. Number 6 is Necessary. Money skills are important. if you can master these 7 money skills then you will be able to increase your wealth standard and also boost your personal financial status. Therefore, without further ado here areContinue reading “Ways to boost your wealth and finances”

Follow these 5 steps to become a successful entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur is a person who organize and manage a business venture and specifically assumes much of the associated responsibities such as risk. An Entrepreneur is a person who thrives for success and takes on risk by starting a business or services. Have A Business Idea Do you have an idea that solves a particularContinue reading “Follow these 5 steps to become a successful entrepreneur”

You want to be successful in life? Take these 3 risks

3 Risks Everyone Should take in Life to be Successful If you really want to achieve anything in life, you must be willing to do some difficult things and be ready to take risks. The following risks are needed to be taken by everyone who wants to be successful in life. #1. Risk doing anythingContinue reading “You want to be successful in life? Take these 3 risks”

These are 10 reasons why you should start your own business

Do you feel challenged and satisfied with your work? Do you think you do not fit into your 9-5 schedule? Do you feel the most frustrated of all? Maybe you have a divisive idea that you are familiar with and can influence your company? Like millionaire entrepreneur Dan Locke, he has to say it;    “When I was a teenagerContinue reading “These are 10 reasons why you should start your own business”

Follow these principles when investing money

Welcome on board , today we will be looking at the famous saying from Ecclesiastes on how to invest money and also a proper explanation of all the processes. It is not a surprise that almost everything one needs to succeed is contained in the scriptures and also the has served as a means ofContinue reading “Follow these principles when investing money”

These make a business attractive and successful

A business enterprise is a body that deals with the specialization of particular goods and services which are rendered to the consumers at an agreed price rate. The main objective of business is to earn profit. Although, there are some basic elements which are necessary for a standard business enterprise, but added to them thereContinue reading “These make a business attractive and successful”

Start these businesses and start making money

Last year Covid-19 pandemic lockdown across the country reveal how unreliable white-collar jobs can be. A lot of people unexpectedly lost their jobs. Many of those who were sacked from their comfortable jobs had to go into small scale businesses to survive. If the testimonies one is getting from these emergency businessmen/women is anything toContinue reading “Start these businesses and start making money”

Invest in Bitcoin business and earn money from it

Bitcoin has been an investment platform for years , where people invest their money and make lot of interest from it. Today, Bitcoin is one of the best cryptocurrency one can invest money into. Bitcoin has been for years and it is very legit . You can invest your money there today and earn lotContinue reading “Invest in Bitcoin business and earn money from it”

See the secret to succeed in life

Success is a weapon or skill of life which is mandatory to progress. Progress is moving forward, developing it can be in a specific thing but success in life is totally every aspect including emotional,psychological,physical and mental success can’t be formed it will surely show, no matter how you hide it the result will beContinue reading “See the secret to succeed in life”

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Without money you can invest in yourself

Many a times we hear advise about how to make investment and the right thing to do in other to be prosperous. However, it is pretty clear that the right investment that one can make is to invest in himself. Investing in yourself means doing the right thing. In this article, we will look atContinue reading “Without money you can invest in yourself”

Want to start a business? See 7 facts about setting up a business

Consistently independent venture popup, thinking of a private company thought can be as straightforward as distinguishing an issue in your neighborhood finding an answer for it.  Many individuals simply awaken and hop into business without discovering the genuine truth about beginning a business and discovering approaches to “dodge history”  Prior to beginning a business youContinue reading “Want to start a business? See 7 facts about setting up a business”

See some 9 habits of the rich people that can make you succeed

Being rich has little to do with luck and a lot to do with your habits. Tom Corley, author of “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of Wealthy Individuals”, analyzes the activities and habits of 233 rich people and 128 living in poverty. The differences often come from daily habits, and for 40% of unconscious actionsContinue reading “See some 9 habits of the rich people that can make you succeed”

See 100 ways to achieve success

Success is something that cannot be achieved overnight. It requires hard work and perseverance, determination and strong willpower. It is up to you to choose whether you want to be successful, and there are a plethora of ways you can become successful! Successful individuals all have similar attributes in common. The skills that help themContinue reading “See 100 ways to achieve success”